• Representative Example: Amount of credit 200 borrowed for 28 days. Interest: 40.20 Interest rate: 262% per annum (fixed). Representative APR: 1261% Total amount payable: 240.20.
  • Representative APR 1261%*
  • Warning: Late repayment can cause you serious money problems. For help, go to moneyadviceservice.org.uk

Quick Loans

Looking for Quick Loan?

It is quite possible that you've bumped into this page looking for a quick loan. If yes, you could not have been at a better place at this point in time, for all your loan-related needs end here. If you are looking for a quick short-term loan that comes at friendly terms and competitive interest rates, we can be of help to you or anybody. Our expertise and experience lies in helping people get the right amount of loan at friendly terms and competitive interest at the right time. Loan seekers often face problems in getting loans; their loan either gets declined or they have to go through a lot of time-consuming formalities. All in all, loan seekers face a lot of problems when it comes getting loans.

If You Don't Get it in Time, It's of No Use

We are of a belief that the money you need must get to you in time, else it is of no use. People often seek financial assistance when they are in need of it, and if that assistance is not provided during the time of need, but after the need surpasses, it's of no use. We at Quick Loans Y make sure you get the loan amount as and when you need it. As soon as we receive your loan application, we pass it on to your group of lenders who start assessing it almost immediately. Be assured with us that you'll get your loan amount in time, without any delay.

Anybody May Need Financial Assistance

Financial problems can come in anyone's life. Unless you are a multi-millionaire, you are always vulnerable to sudden financial crunches and unplanned expenses, and this is where a loan can come in handy. There is nothing bad in seeking financial assistance whenever need arises; this is what loans are made for. If you get presented with anything that you didn't expect and it requires some financial assistance, you must seek financial assistance. This unplanned expense can be anywhere from a medical emergency to fixing a plumbing disaster or an unplanned trip. In short, anybody may need financial assistance and you can be one of them.

Who We Are?

We are one of the leading loan matchmakers in United Kingdom. Our online portal acts as a common platform where loan seekers can get loan from the top lenders in United Kingdom. We are not the lenders, but a mediator that helps match your loan application to the best possible lender. There are hundreds of lenders ready to lend money at different terms, conditions, and rates. We are a broker that processes the information provided by you and passes it to our trusted third-party lenders for further assessment so that you can get the loan at competitive rates and friendly terms.

We are one of the most trusted online portals for processing loan applications in United Kingdom, and we have helped thousands of people get desired loans in time.

We Can Help You Get Through Tough Time Easily

Loans are meant to be used wisely. We never encourage anyone to borrow loans for fun sake. Instead, we advise them to borrow loans to get through the times of emergency, if any. Sudden unexpected expenses can come in anyone's life and each one of us is vulnerable to it. Be it an unexpected medical emergency or a sudden plumbing disaster, there are emergencies that cannot wait and have to be fixed then and there. One can get through tough time easily using loan amount, and this is where we come into play. We can help you get the best deal on your loan at friendly terms and competitive interest rates.

Short-Term Loans

We specialize in short-term loans. Our experience and expertise lies in helping people get desired loan in short time-frame. Our services are amongst the best in the industry. We proudly announce ourselves as one of the best loan mediating agencies in United Kingdom. We match your loan application with the lender that suits you the best. If you are looking for short-term loans, we can help you get it within no time. Most loans up to 200 taken for maximum of 28 days are considered short-term loans at our end. As we specialize in short-term loans, we maintain a record of getting most short-term loans approved by our lenders, making us one of the top loan intermediating agencies within UK.

Customized Loans

Albeit our expertise lies in short-term loans, we also help our customers get customized loans. You can get 3-month payday loans, 12-month payday loans, and other long-term loans through us. Whatever be your loan-related need, we try to match it with the lender(s). While filling the application, clearly mentioned your requirement and we would be getting back to you with every possible option.

Round-the-Clock Availability

As mentioned above, we are one of the best loan intermediary agencies in United Kingdom. As we work online entirely, we can be accessed by our customers anytime. We are available round the clock. Just fill in the application form with all your loan-related requirements and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

Free Services

Our services are absolutely free! Yes, you read it right. We do not charge anything for our services. Most of the loan intermediary agencies in United Kingdom charge a small amount from loan seeker in the name of fees; this is not the case with us. Our services do not cost you even a penny.

Well, this may pop a question in your mind as to how we survive if we do not charge anything from our customers. Instead of charging any fee from loan seekers, we are paid a small percentage by the lenders, which keeps us up and going. This way, we get a small percentage for every successful loan application and the loan seeker doesn't feel ditched.

So, you don't need to be worried about any fee when applying loan through us. Just fill the application form with best possible (and right) information to help us get your application processed quickly.

Eligibility Criteria

Cutting things short here, you just need to fulfill only a few conditions to get your loan application processed and approved through us. Without these qualifying criteria, your loan application would not be entertained at all. Here are the basic qualifying criteria to get your loan approved:

  • You must be at least 18 years of age.
  • You must be a citizen of United Kingdom.
  • You must be a citizen of United Kingdom.
  • Things to Keep in Mind

    There are few things you must keep in mind when applying loan through us. You must understand that your application does not guarantee you loan; your application may be declined by the lender for any reason. It is on the sole discretion of lender to approve/decline your loan application and we do not play any role in it. We are just an intermediary agency connection the loan seeker (you) with the lender(s).

    Furthermore, it must be clearly understood that any delay in repayment can lead to penalties, late fees, and even credit rating being damaged. You must read the loan agreement thoroughly and completely before signing it. The borrower must keep a strict account of his/her finances, including everything made, spent, and saved during every month.

    So, what are you waiting for? Quick Loans Y guarantees you hassle-free and worry-free loan application experience.