Privacy Policy

The reputation of the company is also linked to the privacy policy as with this we ensure you that we take care of all the relevant personal information provided by you while acquiring finances. Visiting our site does not carry any obligation and is safe for every visitor. The privacy policies are as follows:

. Our company maintains a good relationship with their clients and for that we invest our 100% so the privacy is a very important task performed by us.

. A highly advanced technology is used for securing the personal information and for that secure socket protocol is used.

. If any fraud case is found then under that situation the information of a client is leaked to the third party.

. It is not a compulsion for every borrower to browse the cookies accessible on our website as you may easily disable them if you have no interest in it.

. We have relations with good and reputed lenders who understand the meaning of safety so with maximum safety your information is forwarded to them.

. The personal data of a borrower can be used for various purposes but only after you consent.

. The links accessible on our website have their own terms and if on clicking them brings any harm then we are not responsible for such tribulations.

. The privacy policies of the company can be amended at any moment so make sure of frequently visiting the web page.

. The information is only leaked to the third party when they provide any beneficiary service to you.

. If any borrower may misuse the company contents or any fraud case is there, then we take a legal action against them.

. If a borrower has any query in their mind regarding the privacy policy of our company then you may contact us as our officers are there to assist you.

. All the communication made between us and the borrowers are regularly monitored.

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