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How to start a Pop up store


Apr 9, 2021

A Popup store is a good idea for starting your own business. As we can see, online earning has replaced pop-up stores to such a great extent. Still, the importance and charm of physical shopping are unmatchable. The trust of customers is easy to earn through physical interaction. This idea seems daunting at the start. We have brought some methods and ideas for you. These ideas will help you in starting the pop-up store. At the start, you always have to work hard. Although they seem generic anchors. considering these factors is crucial for getting positive results.

Important prerequisite of the pop-up store:

  • Area
  • Map
  • Finance
  • Employee management
  • Advertisement

Area of the store:

Selecting the site of your store is the first step. You have to find out about the commercial area. The area should be such, where your targeted audience is readily available. Do not take it as a generic step. Nowadays shopping malls have become a hotspot. Opening a cosmetic store around female brands is a good idea. Location on the ground or second floor in malls also holds its impact. Choosing a crowded place is an advantage. If you are making a setup on the main road then it is more beneficial. On main rods, do not forget to make parking for the ease of the customers. Avoid choosing the residential areas because they have very less likelihood of giving you enough output.

Mapping before the construction:

Planning and mapping the area before the startup is a crucial step. Never start the setup without figuring out its design. A public store has to keep the ease of its customers in mind. The floor of the shop should be quite graceful and impressive. Also, try to have glasswork in your store. It will make your product visible from the outside. Also, the glass adds to the sophistication of your setup.


Starting a business requires having enough finance in hand. If you do not have enough cash, then you are unable to start a business. Also, it takes time for the pop store before it starts to give profit in earnings. So, in the initial month, one has to spend from his collection of money. This includes the electricity bills, salaries of the employees and setting up the store. So, arrange the cash before starting the pop-up store.

Employee management:

First, you are required to hire skilled employees. People who have experience can help you in achieving success. If you find it necessary, then you can also provide them training about your goals and plan of action. Keeping a check on the performance of the staff is an important task. It allows you to figure out any improvement in their performance.  You should show an empathetic attitude toward the staff members. Strict behavior can negatively influence their performance. A positive approach will also make them work enthusiastically.


In the current times, the success of any business is impossible without its advertisement. People are busy in life. They cannot know about your business unless you make them aware of it. Using the billboard has become the old method. It is the era of social media and technology. So, hire a separate employee for the management of the marketing. You should use various platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Whatsapp for your marketing.

Monitoring of the whole system:

Once a business starts, it becomes difficult for you to keep track of all aspects. It is necessary to keep tracking the working pattern of your store. Tracking the finance, employees, customer’s review and advertisement become hectic for one person. It is wise to make a separate monitoring system for all of these departments. The hiring of an experienced person, with skills in the human resource department, is necessary. It will reduce your burden. It will also help in chalking out the plan.

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